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  Health Saving Accounts - Health Savings Accounts Administrators

Here is a list of stand-alone HSA and often HSA administrators.  Make sure to contact them directly to verify fees and availability.  The two that we have received the best feedback on are FirstMSA and MSABank. 

Name,  Address,  Phone Set-up fees Admin. fees Accountholder Options
Choice Investments
ATTN: Jerry Mikus
7800 Shoal Creek Blvd
Suite 100 North
Austin, TX  78757
Fax: 512/302-6092
Set-Up Fee - $20
Admin. Fee - $48 (Annual) Investments made only in No-Load Funds (selected funds offered) after HSA deposits equal the plan deductible.  Account balance below the HSA plan deductible is invested in a money market account.
First MSA
$25 $5.00/mo. access to investment services after $1,000 in account;  2-5% interest on money in account per schedule;  FDIC insured
MSA Bank
$18 $1.75 month if under $3000 balance debit card and checks;  FDIC insured; money market interest or option for brokerage account
American Health Resources *

PO Box 8847
Metaire, LA 70011-8847


$15 $4.50/mo. Can deposit in either "money market-type funds or securities".

Can "self-direct" investments. AHR

Can pay provider or reimburse accountholders.

American Health Value

PO Box 8063
Boise, ID 83707-2063

$25 indiv. or
$30 joint
$3/$4.50/or $8.50

per mo. depending on plan chosen

Visa Debit Card and checks. Can select money market or Delaware Funds (min. balance = $1250)

RX card, nurse line, & Dr/Hosp.

Discount plans available.

Benefit Administrators

1009 Oak Hill Rd, 3rd Floor
Lafayette, CA 94549


Bank or $35/Wells Fargo Bank

$3/mo. (Gateway) or $2/mo. (Wells Fargo) Will process reimbursement requests or provide checks [disbursement fees = $5 (Gateway) or $10 (Wells Fargo)].

Custodial Fee (Wells Fargo)

$39/yr. Min. account balance for investments = $2500 (avail. thru Wells Fargo only)]

CMS Administrators

576 B Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95401


$10 per employee Varies by size of


Works only with non-tax-qualified

Market. Reimburses insured for medical expenses from the "MESA, Medical Expense Savings Account"

Lake Forest Funds

270 E. Westminster Rd, 3rd Flr Lake Forest, IL 60045-1899

No set-up fee No Admin. Fee

Ann. Custodial fee $15

Acct. liquidation fee = $15

Minimum account balance = $1000

PO Box 17190
Indianapolis, IN 46217

$50 $3/mo.

Renewal fee for groups of 2-9 =


Investments in mutual funds from first dollar (Annual fee of $24 for access to focus fund group.)
Medical Savings Accounts/Utah

1341 S. State St, 310A
Salt Lake City, UT 84115


No set-up fee $5/mo. Money market bank accounts only
Medical Savings of America

960 Broadway St, 505
Boise, ID 83706


$12 $2/mo. Visa debit card or checks.

1501 WestCliff Drive, 310
Newport Beach, CA 92660


Medical Retirement

Accounts (MRA)

$500 set-up fee

Medical Retirement

Account (MRA) Only


Refers all MSA account requests to American Health Value, MSAver Resources or Merrill Lynch. Pays %Of fees on the MRA to brokers.
MSAver Resources, Inc.

7400 W. 110th St., 520
Overland Park, KS 66210-2346


Fees presently being restructured.

Please call

Fees presently being restructured.

Please call

Options being expanded. Please call.
Prime Health

4640 W. 77th St., 214
Edina, MN 55435


$25 per person


$5/mo. Per person

$50 or 10%

termination fee.

Money market only. Will reimburse either provider or accountholder.
SSgA Funds

Po Box 8317
Boston, MA 02266-8317


No set-up fee No admin. Fees.

Annual maintenance fee= $75. Check writing privileges @ $10/checkbook

15 different funds available with a minimum investment of $250 per fund. Automatic investments and telephone exchanges allowed.
State Bank of Howards Grove

211 N. Wisconsin Drive
Howards Grove, WI 53083


$12 for bank account none for mutual fund account $1/mo. (bank acct) $1.75/mo. (brokerage account)


May choose bank money market acct. or from 3000 mutual funds. (Trading fees start at $14.95 per trade) Minimum initial deposit of $100
Trident National Corporation

3500 Grove Ave.
Richmond, VA


$15 $30 indiv./$60 fam./ year

1.1% x Balance Cust. Fee/Yr.

May choose from 6 no-load mutual funds or money market


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